Israel by CXN

Israel is the instant Fall-in love country, where all senses come to live vividly.

 It is the land of ancient beliefs and modern society. believe in the unbelievable.  Just celebrated the 73rd year of modern Israel, though holds over 5000 years of heritage. Every guest becomes part of the culture instantly, a fan wishes to return and be part of the adventure. You have to visit the country and enjoy the scenery at first glance, leave all social channels aside, no drone videos but your eyes. Join us to a once-in-a-lifetime experience with ConexionTravel.

Explore Israel


Israel is one of the safest countries for traveling. You will find yourself feeling very safe both during the day and at night, as Israel feels like one bug neighborhood where all are acquainted.

Israel  fabulous landscapes stretch from North to the South, and from the West to the East. Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Galilee, Dead Sea, and the Negev all the way down to Eilat are the main destinations.

The weather is great all year round, while September-December and April-June are perfect seasson to travel as the tempartures are mild and you can enjoy outdoor activities and fun travels.

Israel is a melting pot of immigrants and cultures, so is the Israeli kitchen. Travel with us to enjoy the culinary scene, to learn about the progress of culinary in Israel.

Farm to table is not a cliché- It is reality.

We are delighted to offer a set of special activities and lead you  on a journey to reveal the story of Israel. , such as a “Mossad” tour, visit to a Bedouin camp, Olive oil farms, family cheese makers, boutique wineries, extreme activities as rappelling, Tandem skydiving and many more.